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Game Prototype

  • Throttle : Drag the bottom right bar
  • Lean: Tilt device.
  • Front Brake: Hold the top right bar.
  • Rear Brake: Hold the bottom left bar.
  • Shift: Swipe up or down on the screen.
  • Clutch: Tap the tachometer.

Track Editor Prototype.

  • Drag Features from the bottom row to the top row to add them to your track.
  • Drag Features within the top row to swap the order.
  • Adjust the x and y values to scale the feature to the desired size.
  • Touch the red X to remove a feature.
  • Touch the Test button to try it out!

Game Plans

  • Rider lean for increased in-air and on-ground control.
  • Suspension and Engine Tuning.
  • Track Selection.
  • Race Ghost / Time Attack

Editor Plans

  • Load/Save custom tracks.
  • UI refinements/adjustments.
  • Share Tracks.


  • 2019-03-12
    • Track Editor UI refinements
      • Narrower panels
      • Easier to drag
      • Added Scrollbars
    • Added Inverse Ski Jump feature
    • Refined Table Top feature
    • Track Editor Save and Load. (Single track, ie: No choice of track)
    • Track Looping.
  • 2019-03-25
    • Added rider lean.
    • Suspension Adjustments: Variable on suspension position.
      • Rebound and compression Dampening
      • Variable spring rate
  • 2019-04-10
    • Added Suspension Tuning UI.
    • Editor UI refinements.
    • Camera adjustments
    • Tabletop feature adjustments
    • Reset button in play mode


SupercrossUnfolded_Prototype_v0.3.apk 40 MB

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