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Playable demo to demonstrate core features!

  • Gather resources!
    • Mine ores
    • Cut trees
    • Fish
    • Cook
  • Craft your own items!
    • Weapons
    • Armor
    • Tools
  • Go kill monsters!

Playable Skills

  • Melee : Increases damage while using melee weapons
  • Strength : Increase melee accuracy
  • Ranged : Increases damage when using ranged weapons (Coming Soon)
  • Dexterity : Increase Ranged accuracy
  • Magic : Increases damage when using magic weapons (Coming Soon)
  • Knowledge : Increase Magic accuracy
  • Health : Increases hitpoints
  • Anatomy : Allows player to damage new monsters!
  • Mining : Mine rocks for precious ores
  • Smithing : Smelt ores into bars, forge armours and weapons
    • Armors and Weapons scale based on your Smithing level!
  • Woodcutting : Chop down trees for logs
  • Crafting : Craft items from raw resources
    • Armors and Weapons scale based on your Crafting level!
  • Fishing : Catch a variety of fish
  • Cooking : Cook raw cooking materials into edible foods to restore hitpoints
    • Cooked food scales with your cooking level!

Planned Features

  • Coming Soon
    • Prestige System
    • Dungeon LeaderBoards
    • Dungeon Difficulty Selector
    • Quick-Use Item bar
  • Coming Later
    • Races (Human, Elf and Dwarf)
    • Character Creation, Customization and Selection
    • Ranged and Magic Weapons
  • Coming Not so Soon
    • Multiplayer Co-Op

Upcoming Fixes/Updates Report

  • Adjust ability damage and cool downs, they are all the same at the moment.
  • Favorite/Quick-select Item bar, so you do not have to open your inventory during combat to use items.
    • Progress Update, not live, (2017-06-07): Hitting tab will swap your ability bar for your favorite Item bar. You can drag and drop items from and to your inventory to these 5 new buttons. Clicking (or hotkeys 1-5) will attempt to use the item at the given position!
  • Prestige System!
    • Progress Update, not live (2017-06-12): When reaching max level in all skills, you can choose to reset all of your skills to level 1 and earn 1 prestige level, allowing you to replay the game from level 1 at a harder difficulty.
      • Combat:
        • Equipping items does not have a level requirement, therefore you may continue to use your high level equipment.
        • Monster's damage and overall health will increase exponentially with added prestige levels.
          • Prestige 0: 100% damage/health
          • Prestige 1: 125% damage/health
          • Prestige 2: 156% damage/health
          • Prestige 3: 193% damage/health
          • Prestige 10: 931% damage/health (Likely impossible)
          • Formula : 125% ^ (Prestige Level)
        • Experienced earned may also decrease, just a thought
      • Non-Combat
        • After choosing to Prestige, you will  no longer be capable of using or obtaining higher level materials. (since you will be level 1 again). You can still use higher lever materials with crafting and smithing. Remember that items scale with your skill level, (up to a maximum level depending on the item, this cap increases with higher tier items), therefore at level 1, crafting a low tier weapon and a higher tier weapon creates weapons of the same level.
        • The power of equipment you craft will increase. IE: low level items of a higher prestige are likely to be stronger than high level items of a lower prestige.
    • Update not live (2017,-06-14), For the purpose of testing, the max level will be set at 150 (instead of 999) as only the first tier of equipment (level 0 to level 100) exists.
  • Dungeon Difficulty Selector
    • Progress Update, not live (2017-06-12): When entering a dungeon you will be capable of increasing it's difficulty!
      • Dungeon's will have a base level, you can then increase this level by an additional amount equal to the maximum possible skill level.
      • You can further increase the difficulty by choosing to set the dungeon at a higher prestige level!
      • Selecting to perform a dungeon at a higher difficulty is likely to be more rewarding. Possible Ideas include:
        • Higher level drops
        • Increased experience earned within the dungeon
        • Higher drop chance
  • Dungeon Leaderboard
    • Keep track of your best dungeon runs!


  • (2017-05-14)
    • 3 proof of concept Quests!
      • Woodcutting, Crafting and Mining Tutorial
        • Note, Quest's reset every time you start the game!
    • New Dungeon/Cave with monsters!
    • New Ability System! See Combat
    • Right click + context menu to interact with items in inventory
    • Fixes
      • Performing actions will automatically target and focus the resource you are attempting to gather.
      • Fixed a few incorrect names on a few items.


  • Right click to target something!
  • Left-Shift to focus on target
  • V to perform action
  • Mouse Scroll to select between actions
  • left-control to unlock camera
  • WASD for movement
  • Q,E to rotate
  • J to open Quest-Journal


  • Furnace (auto crafts)
    • Coal, Copper, Tin in Furnace to make bronze bars!
  • Crafting Bench (Equip a knife)
    • Log, Log (Vertical) for a short weapon handle
    • Log, Log, Log (Vertical) for a long weapon handle
    • Log pattern for 2h club
  • Anvil (Equip a hammer)
    • Armors: Pattern of Bars
    • Weapons: Pattern using bars and Handles
      • Long for 2h weapons, short for 1h weapons


  • Abilities change depending on the weapons you are wielding.
  • Every weapon has a set of abilities, activating an ability will perform the ability and replace it with a randomly selected ability from the corresponding weapon.
  • The two abilities to the left are associated to the weapon equipped in the main-hand, while the two abilities on the right are associated with the weapon equipped on the offhand.
  • Striking monsters will generate Power, (Green bar next to the health bar)
  • Newly added abilities may incur a cool down before usage!
  • The ability in the middle (The larger one) is your Ultimate ability!
    • Ultimate ability consumes all of the Power you have gained.
    • Ultimate abilities work like other abilities, but with boosted damage (x2 damage)*
    • Ultimate abilities will never not incur any cool-downs!
    • Ultimate abilities damage are further boosted by the amount of Power consumed.
      • Ultimate abilities consuming very little Power will generate less damage than your regular abilities. (10% with 0 power)*
      • Ultimate abilities activated with full Power (100)* will have their damage boosted by up to 4 times*
        • 0 Power Ultimate -> 80% of regular damage!*
        • Max power Ultimate -> 800% of regular damage!
    *These numbers are accurate as of 2017-05-14 and may be adjusted

Earning Experience

  • The amount of experience earned per action never increases as you raise your level, but the amount of experience needed to reach the next level will increase!
  • Every action has a maximum level for which it will grant maximum experience, beyond this level experience will linearly be reduced to 0% in roughly 150 levels ( this value is subject to change).
    • Example: Cutting a regular tree (Level 0) has a maximum level of 100
      • 0-100 woodcutting: Maximum exp earned
      • 100-250 woodcutting: 100& -> 0% exp
      • 250+ woodcutting: no woodcutting experience is earned
    • Note, some actions give experience in multiple skills at the same time. The experience fall-off for the given skills are independent of each-other. IE, it is possible to earn 0% experience for Skill A and 100% exp for Skill B.
  • Knowledge, Dexterity and Strength experience is earned alongside other non-combat skills.

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