A downloadable game for Windows

Coming Soon!

  • Quests!
  • Dungeon!
  • Boss monster!

Playable demo to demonstrate core features!

  • Gather resources!
    • Mine ores
    • Cut trees
    • Fish
    • Cook
  • Craft your own items!
    • Weapons
    • Armor
    • Tools
  • Go kill monsters!

  • Playable Skills
    • Melee : Use of melee weapons
    • Strength : Increase melee accuracy
    • Ranged : Use of bows and crossbows (Coming Soon)
    • Dexterity : Increase Ranged accuracy
    • Magic : Use of magical Spells (Coming Soon)
    • Knowledge : Increase Magic accuracy
    • Health : Increases hitpoints
    • Anatomy : Allows player to damage new monsters!
    • Mining : Mine rocks for precious ores
    • Smithing : Smelt ores into bars, forge armours and weapons
    • Woodcutting : Chop down trees for logs
    • Crafting : Craft items from raw resources
    • Fishing : Catch a variety of fish
    • Cooking : Cook raw cooking materials into edible foods to restore hitpoints


  • Right click to target something!
  • Left-Shift to focus on target
  • V to perform action
  • Mouse Scroll to select between actions
  • left-control to unlock camera
  • WASD for movement
  • Q,E to rotate


  • Furnace (auto crafts)
    • Coal, Copper, Tin in Furnace to make bronze bars!
  • Crafting Bench (Equip a knife)
    • Log, Log (Vertical) for a short weapon handle
    • Log, Log, Log (Vertical) for a long weapon handle
    • Log pattern for 2h club
  • Anvil (Equip a hammer)
    • Armors: Pattern of Bars
    • Weapons: Pattern using bars and Handles
      • Long for 2h weapons, short for 1h weapons


  • Abilities change depending on the weapons you are wielding.
  • All abilities hit multiple enemies in front of you.
  • Range and angle of the AoE vary. Loosely based off the animation of the ability. For example, a 2h hand spear has a long range, but a narrow AoE angle.

Fixes for next release

  1. Right click + context menu to interact with items in inventory
  2. Performing actions will automatically target and focus the resource you are attempting to gather.

Please leave a comment below to tell me what you think!

Install instructions

Just extract the file to the desired folder and click the executable file to run!

Make sure to keep all files and folders in the same directory!

The executable is Windows only. (32 bits, will run on 64 bit systems)

Can upload Linux and Mac versions if interested.


TechDemo.rar (70 MB)

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